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Engines Photographed to Date: 20
Click to view larger imageRR NameRoad NumberEngine TypeDate SeenLocation Taken
Amtrak34 3/15/2009Roseville
Amtrak39 3/29/2009R
Amtrak73 3/29/2009Roseville
Amtrak130 3/15/2009Roseville
Amtrak172 3/15/2009Roseville
Amtrak185 3/15/2009Roseville
Amtrak192 3/14/2009Davis, Ca
Amtrak195 3/14/2009Davis, Ca
Amtrak452 12/31/2009Ventura, Ca
Amtrak462 12/31/2009Ventura, Ca
Amtrak2002 5/30/2009Roseville
Amtrak2003 4/25/2009Cosumnes Preserve
Amtrak2008 4/25/2009Cosumnes Preserve
Amtrak2009 3/14/2009Sacramento
Amtrak2010 3/14/2009Sacramento
Amtrak90208 12/31/2009Ventura, Ca
BNSF110 3/10/2010Stockton Diamonds
BNSF1015 4/25/2009Cosumnes Preserve
BNSF2163 3/10/2010Stockton Diamonds
BNSF4096 4/25/2009Cosumnes Preserve
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