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UPY Engines Photographed to Date: 34
(50 Engines Displayed at a time)

Click to view larger imageRoad NumberEngine TypeDate SeenLocation Taken
UPY 578GP15-14/17/2009Roseville
UPY 587GP15-14/15/2009Roseville
UPY 597GP15-14/4/2009Roseville
UPY 601GP15-14/4/2009Roseville
UPY 614GP15-14/22/2009Roseville
UPY 615GP15-15/13/2009Roseville
UPY 651GP15-16/1/2009Roseville
UPY 677GP15-14/17/2009Roseville
UPY 684GP15-14/7/2009Roseville
UPY 840SD38-24/4/2009Roseville
UPY 853SD38-24/4/2009Roseville
UPY 862SD38-24/15/2009Roseville
UPY 896RP20SD4/4/2009Roseville
UPY 897RP20SD4/4/2009Roseville
UPY 898RP20SD4/4/2009Roseville
UPY 899RP20SD4/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1089SW15004/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1118SW15004/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1121SW15004/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1135SW15004/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1158SW15004/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1180SW15004/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1181SW15004/22/2009Roseville
UPY 1196SW15004/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1212SW15004/15/2009Roseville
UPY 1219SW15004/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1227SW15004/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1228SW15004/17/2009Roseville
UPY 1298MP15DC4/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1347MP15DC4/7/2009Roseville
UPY 1378MP15DC4/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1409MP15AC6/1/2009Roseville
UPY 1434MP15AC4/4/2009Roseville
UPY 1483MP15AC4/17/2009Roseville
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UP snow plow seen at the yard in Roseville, Ca.