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sacramento area birds


Number of Species Photographed to Date:729
Most recent bird photographed: Orange-cheeked Waxbill

Our Purpose: To collect and display images of the common (and not so common) birds that one can expect to see in the Sacramento area -- and around the country. We'll also do our best to tell you where we spotted them and when.

Background: We had been birding for almost 8 years. We finally got tired of trying to identify birds from fleeting images or too distant views. So we bought a Nikon D-300s with a 300mm lens.

After trying it out for about a month we found that the camera was indispensible for identifying birds. Now when we see a bird we might get 2-4 seconds view of it, but that's just enough time to snap a few shots. Then when we get home we can spend our time identifying it.

With that said, we started looking at all photos we'd shot and decided that it might be good to share our photos with the birding public in a format that would show off the large variety of birds that we have in this area. Sure, it's not National Geographic, but some of the shots are good. And our goal is to replace not so fabulous images with better ones as we get them.

So check out the image archive and also the book list. Having collected a large number of bird books, we've found that there are some that we utilize more than others And whether that's due to size, description quality or accuracy of bird pictures, we've notated why we like or dislike each one. Of course, this is our personal opinion. Take it or leave it.

Next Step: We want to start spending more time studying the behavior, nesting and feeding habits of our favorite birds. And we'll do our best to share that information with readers of the site. Our goal is to use this site to teach others about the abundance of bird-life in this area and the importance in preserving the habitat in which they live.

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