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Welcome to the wine notes page. The idea here is very simple. We have over 5000 ratings in our wine tasting database that we'd like to share with anyone who might find these opinions useful. The number of ratings grows weekly.

Our primary focus is on the wineries of the Sacramento region. We spend our time tasting in Lodi, Amador County, El Dorado County, the valley and the Gold Country. Of course, we attend the weekly tastings at BevMo as well, so we get a good selection of California and world-wide wines in our database as well.

Below you'll find a list of our 20 most recent ratings. But to search the whole database for what you're looking for please visit the search page. We have a total of 7028 wines in our database currently.

WinerySpecial DesignationVintageVarietalRatingDateTastedNotesBuy Again?
AviatrixSanta Ynez2020Grenache937/11/2024Blackberry, raspberry, cherry, buttermilk, cheese cake, white pepper, phreesia. The palate holds a lovely, ripe tannins, firm acidity, full body and concentrated flavors. My friend and I visited La Sirena today. David, our host, was one of the best hosts weve ever had. He understood that we were industry and just treated us like pals. He gave us a ton of history on Bo, Heidi and Chelsea Barrett. Aviatrix is a hat-tip to Heidis ability to fly aircraft. The wine is thick, lovely, nuanced, spicy and worth every bit of the $40 bucks at which it is priced.y
La SirenaKnights Valley Sonoma County2019Malbec937/11/2024 y
La SirenaStudio Series2019Cabernet / Syrah947/11/2024 y
La SirenaNapa Valley2019Cabernet Sauvignon957/11/202497% Cab, 3% Cab Franc To Kalon and 412 Clonesy
La SirenaMoscato Azul, Calistoga, Lake County2022Muscat Canelli897/11/2024 n
La SirenaAmador County2022Rose of Primitivo917/11/2024Lovely Rose.y
Materra Cunat Family VineyardNapa Valley2022Sauvignon Blanc907/8/2024 n
Materra Cunat Family VineyardMidnight Napa Valley2021Blend (Red Table Wine)917/8/2024 y
Materra Cunat Family VineyardRight Bank Napa Valley2021Blend (Red Table Wine)937/8/2024 y
Materra Cunat Family VineyardNapa Valley2019Petite Sirah927/8/2024 n
Materra Cunat Family VineyardOak Knoll District Napa Valley2021Syrah947/8/2024 y
Materra Cunat Family VineyardHidden Block Diamond Mountain Napa Valley2019Cabernet Sauvignon967/8/2024Really delicious and reasonably pricedy
Big Table FarmThe Wild Bee2022Chardonnay947/7/2024 y
Big Table FarmThe Elusive Queen2022Chardonnay957/7/2024 y
Big Table FarmLauging Pig Rose of Pinot Noir Willamette Valley2023Rose of Pinot977/7/2024Best Rose we have ever tried.y
Big Table FarmWillamette Valley2022Pinot Noir947/7/2024 y
Big Table FarmEarth Willamette Valley2022Pinot Noir967/7/2024 y
Big Table FarmPelos Sandberg Vineyard Willamette Valley2022Pinot Noir947/7/2024 y
Big Table FarmSunnyside Vineyard Willamette Valley2021Pinot Noir937/7/2024 y
Big Table FarmThe Wild Bee2022Chardonnay946/29/2024 y
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