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Welcome to the wine notes page. The idea here is very simple. We have over 5000 ratings in our wine tasting database that we'd like to share with anyone who might find these opinions useful. The number of ratings grows weekly.

Our primary focus is on the wineries of the Sacramento region. We spend our time tasting in Lodi, Amador County, El Dorado County, the valley and the Gold Country. Of course, we attend the weekly tastings at BevMo as well, so we get a good selection of California and world-wide wines in our database as well.

Below you'll find a list of our 20 most recent ratings. But to search the whole database for what you're looking for please visit the search page. We have a total of 5659 wines in our database currently.

WinerySpecial DesignationVintageVarietalRatingDateTastedNotesBuy Again?
SouvrainHome Vineyard, Alexander Valley2006Cabernet Sauvignon8912/14/2018Needed a lot of time to breath, but once that was done this was very nice wine.y
La CremaMonterey2015Pinot Noir9011/25/2018This is the best of the pinots that we tried last week. We will buy this again. It is plush and full flavored.y
La CremaMonterey2016Pinot Noir8911/25/2018La Crema is on a roll here. The 15 is best, but this is a close runner up. Buy it!y
Kendall-JacksonVintners Reserve California2016Pinot Noir8611/24/2018 n
CambriaSanta Maria Valley2015Pinot Noir8211/21/2018A bit sour, not much body. 1/3 of the bottle was all we could stomach.n
Joel GottCalifornia2017Pinot Noir8611/21/2018Approachable, but not great.n
Josh CellarsCentral Coast2016Pinot Noir8511/21/2018Eh, probably avoid.n
HahnSLH Santa Lucia Highlands Estate2016Pinot Noir9011/20/2018TJs has this for 17.99. It is a little more pricey at Safeway, but really good wine.y
Trader JoesSanta Maria Valley Grand Reserve Lot 902014Pinot Noir8911/20/2018For 12.99 this is SO good.y
Aloxe-CortonDomaine du Pavillion2011Bourgogne8710/23/2018Thin wine and tart. n
RenommeeBourgogne2016Bourgogne8810/21/2018 n
Trader JoesPetit Reserve Arroyo Seco Monterey2015Pino Noir885/10/2018This is not too bad. Has a nice cola nose.y
Heritage Oak WineryEstate Rhone Blend2015(Blend) Red Table Wine903/3/2018 y
Heritage Oak WineryEstate2015Petite Sirah903/3/2018 y
M2 2017Rose of Carignane873/3/2018 n
M2Carneros2015Pino Noir893/3/2018 n
M2Mokelumne River Lodi Nancys Estate2016Petite Sirah883/3/2018 n
M2Soucie Vineyard Mokelumne River Lodi2015Zinfandel903/3/2018 y
Oak Farm VineyardsLodi2017Rose of Grenache903/3/2018This is insanely good.y
Oak Farm VineyardsLodi2016Zinfandel903/3/2018 y
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